Snowy School Day @ The Swenson!

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A beautiful & quiet snow day in Abilene, TX!  5-8" of snow is expected.  If the sun doesn't come out before the sun goes down, it may be another day off from school tomorrow, too!  I'm sure that the major roads are ok, but some of the neighborhood roads are going to refreeze & be a bit treacherous.  Check back tomorrow, hopefully there will be a few night shots of the house with snow & our new LEDs!

Some Nite Time shots from Swenson Boo Bash & Haunted Abilene….

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Thanks to everyone who has helped us in the last year, your contributions have done so much for us & the community.

Photos by Matt Reily of & an original Trustee to Swenson House Historical Society

Haunted Abilene 2019 is in the books!

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This is our first year of the Swenson Boo Bash.  We are very excited to have another event off of the Halloween theme decorations.  The decorations are pretty elaborate & setting everything up as well as protecting the House, is very time consuming.  We know that most adults, especially if you have had kids in the house or have had young kids that are high schoolers now, you are in the routine of buying 4+ bags of candy having fun handing it out to the kids, maybe having mini block parties in the drive. Well, we want to give you an alternative that we think is a little bit more fun.  Kids don't need all that candy, anyway!  Have some adult fun at a costume party (the best kind) having some great food, drinks & entertainment in the best Halloween decorated building in town, the Swenson House!

Check out the website for more info!

Come & take a tour of the Swenson House!

We would love to have you come by & take a tour of the Swenson House.  We have guided tours by our docents or our very passionate board members.  You do have to call & schedule your appointment.  Often we can do the tour the same day as your phone call with a reasonable notice.  We really think the Swenson House is something you have to see in person.  We have A/C in both the upstairs & the downstairs for a comfortable experience even in the height of summer.  We are open to bus tours or groups that come from the Metroplex, Austin or San Antonio.  There is some other great attractions here in Abilene to fill your day & make it back to your own bed all in the same day!