Our Current Sister Websites

Click on the photos to view our websites for these specific events.  Haunted Abilene is going on it's 12th year in a row & is the best haunted house in Texas, because of the house that it is in!  We have a lot of ideas at our meetings & over the next few years the Society will be hosting a variety of new events to see which we would like to add to our permanent schedule & some sites may just be created for one time events.


Swenson Boo Bash!

We had a great first year of our 21 & UP Halloween Party. This is a costume party with a costume contest, adult food & beverages included. We have a live DJ for dancing & we are looking to expand our party planning in 2020 for a possible murder mystery activity. 2020 did have a great Keanu Reeves "John Wick" scene & we thought the event was a lot of fun, so we are looking to expand the idea in the coming years!


Haunted Abilene 2020's theme is NIGHTMARES!

That is the theme, we will be working on ideas for each room in the house, like; 5 Nights at Freddy's, spiders, clowns & more!

Member's Only Christmas Party

"Member's Only Christmas Party!

December 3rd, 2020 @ 630pm - 830pm will be this year's Christmas Party. It is a member's only party, but if you are going to renew your membership at the party or your immediate family would like to come they are welcome to. If you have a guest or a relative that is visiting you for the holidays that isn't technically an immediate family member, they are certainly welcome as well. We have food & drinks provided, with some VERY VERY secret family recipes that are phenominal. We have all of our Christmas decor up & our house photographer would love to take your picture & you will certainly want your phone on full charge as you walk around the wonderfully decorated rooms taking your own family pics & selfies!

Our Annual Neighborhood Picnic

Summer Solstice/Rock the Swenson/Picnic/Member's Tour the House for Free... Day!

We love to show our immediate neighbors & the community that has helped support us throughout the year with our Neighborhood Picnic. The theme or activities vary year to year, but we really loved our 2019 Summer Solstice celebration called "Rock the Swenson" that feature a very talented local christian rock band called "Red Dirt Disciples." We provide the picnic type food, usually some homemade ice cream & lemonade. We are planning on JUNE 26th, 2020 for this year's event, which isn't the set in stone date until probably March or April.